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Meet Louise Carol Serwaa Donkor [Ph.D.], University of Ghana First Female SRC President

Louise Carol Serwaa Donkor stands as a beacon of excellence, wielding her academic prowess and leadership abilities to drive impactful change across various domains. As the first female Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President at the University of Ghana, she laid the foundation for her remarkable journey in leadership and activism.

Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Ghana, where she displayed outstanding leadership as the Elected Female President of the SRC, pioneering a new era of student representation.

Her pursuit of knowledge led her to the University of Liverpool, where she obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Communication and Media Studies, specializing in Gender and Politics. Her thesis delved into the intricate relationship between gender, media, and politics, with a specific focus on gender discourse within Ghanaian news media.

Donkor’s professional trajectory showcases her commitment to effecting positive change. She has contributed significantly to Ghana’s development through her roles in various governmental and non-governmental organizations. As the National Coordinator for the National Alternative Employment and Livelihood Programme, she spearheads initiatives aimed at rehabilitating degraded lands due to illegal mining activities and creating alternative pathways for the youth in mining communities.

Her tenure as the Deputy Administrator at the Minerals Development Fund saw her manage mineral royalties for developmental initiatives that directly benefited mining communities in Ghana. Additionally, her contributions as the Policy, Partnerships, and Communications Analyst at the Office of the President of Ghana were instrumental in accelerating the implementation and financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Notably, Donkor’s impactful initiatives as the Founding Director and Chief Gender Officer at the Aya Institute for Women, Politics, and Media are commendable. Under her leadership, the institute launched various programs, including the Gender Diversity Baseline Study across crucial sectors in Ghana, the Gender Equality Workplace Report for Ghana Club 100 companies, and the Running Abled Programme, among others.

Her international engagements as a Research Consultant at Liverpool John Moores University and a Gender Consultant for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH highlight her commitment to global partnerships and gender-responsive projects.

Furthermore, her tenure at Afric Xpress Limited as Merchants Acquisition and Public Relations Officer showcased her astute business acumen and managerial skills, significantly expanding the company’s business in the financial sector.

Donkor’s dedication to research and communications is evidenced by her contributions as a Research Logistics Consultant at Imani Centre for Policy and Education, a Research and Communications ST Consultant at the World Bank Group, and a Global Partnerships Consultant for Women Thrive Worldwide in Washington, DC.

Her illustrious journey, blending academia, leadership, and advocacy, underscores her unwavering commitment to effecting positive societal change. Louise Carol Serwaah Donkor’s impressive career trajectory and multifaceted contributions mark her as a visionary leader and an advocate for sustainable development and gender equality in Ghana and beyond.

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