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Too Much Entertainment In Our Churches – Rev. Eastwood Anaba

A video featuring Reverend Eastwood Anaba addressing the prevalence of entertainment in churches has circulated online. In the footage, the Founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries expresses concern about the church’s emphasis on entertainment, diverting attention from its fundamental purpose of imparting the word of God.

Reverend Anaba notes that many churches heavily rely on music and entertainment, suggesting that the removal of these elements might cause a decline in church attendance. He highlights instances where pastors, invited to speak at conventions, are overshadowed by prolonged sessions of songs, dances, choreography, and acrobatics.

Drawing comparisons with other establishments like kiosks, mosques, lorry stations, and chop bars, he emphasizes that each place serves a distinct purpose without compromising its identity. He humorously mentions that chop bars don’t start with a “praise and worship” session before serving food; they promptly present a menu because their purpose is dining.

Reverend Anaba stresses that while there is nothing inherently wrong with church entertainment, the primary focus should be on worship and spiritual growth. He quotes scripture to illustrate that the church risks losing its spiritual power if entertainment overshadows the core mission.

The Reverend questions the priorities of some pastors, noting that their primary concerns often revolve around delivering sermons, collecting offerings, and providing entertainment. He challenges pastors to shift their focus towards healing, salvation, and performing miracles.

The exact date of the sermon is unclear, but it has sparked discussions about the balance between entertainment and spirituality in churches. Some anticipate that the video may prompt a debate leading to potential changes in the church’s approach. Others argue that music and entertainment play essential roles in providing psychological and spiritual healing, suggesting a nuanced perspective on the matter.

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