The Mognori Eco Village

The Mognori Eco Village

The Mognori Eco Village named after its meaning “river bank. Mognori stands as a serene farming village nestled close to the southeastern edge of Mole National Park, preserving the rich cultural traditions of the Hanga clan.

The present inhabitants trace their lineage back to a Moshi hunter who settled on Murugu land prior to the 18th-century slave raids, forming the foundation of this community.

Visitors to Mognori have the unique opportunity to explore the village, interact with local families, and gain insight into various aspects of their daily lives, including the meticulous process of crafting shea butter, a staple here.

To reach this quaint hamlet, travelers embark on an unpaved route starting from Larabanga, continuing north after passing the turnoff for Mole Park. Mognori, now benefiting from electricity, boasts the welcoming embrace of its villagers and showcases typical savanna architecture. It holds the honor of being an “Eco-Village,” balancing cherished traditional practices with environmental consciousness, while nurturing its youth to thrive in a dynamic world.

Traditionally sustained by fishing, hunting, and agriculture owing to its riverside location, Mognori also boasts a legacy in herbal medicine, inviting visitors to explore these ancient healing practices. Furthermore, the village specializes in the production of shea nut butter, offering a chance for visitors to understand its intricate production process.

For those intrigued by local culture, arrangements can be made for a captivating exhibition of traditional Mognori dance. However, kindly notify us at least a day in advance for this request.

A brief stroll leads to the tranquil banks of a White Volta River branch, providing a docking spot for scenic river excursions lasting around an hour. Abundant birdlife thrives here, and there’s even a possibility of glimpsing larger animals. Guests interested in a guided boat tour accommodating up to 5 people can extend their Mognori experience.

While both the river trip and the traditional dancing can be booked separately, it is recommended combining these activities or including them alongside the village tour for a more immersive experience of Mognori’s cultural richness and natural beauty.

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