Television Broadcasting in Ghana

History of Television Broadcasting in Ghana

In the past, the government controlled television broadcasting in Ghana. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation was the only one allowed to broadcast until 1994. This continued even after the government changed in 1992 to a more democratic one. The new constitution created the National Media Commission to make sure the media stayed independent.

After Kwame Nkrumah was removed from power in 1966, the new government, called the National Liberation Council, had a tight grip on the country’s media. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation then announced a rule. They said they would broadcast programs about culture, education, information, and entertainment. These programs would show the progress and dreams of the nation. They would also broadcast in Ghanaian languages and English.

In 2007, there were seven broadcast stations in Ghana. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation was still there, and now there were also four private channels: TV3, Metro TV, Viasat 1, TV Skyy, and TV Africa. TV3 and Metro TV started airing programs in 1997. People in Ghana could also watch foreign stations like CNN and BBC.

Now, people in Ghana have more choices for TV channels. The government doesn’t control everything, and there are private channels offering different programs. This change happened over the years, starting from when the National Media Commission was created in 1992. The goal was to make sure the media in Ghana is free and independent. So, if you are in Ghana, you can enjoy a variety of programs in different languages and get information from local and international channels. It’s a way for people to stay connected and entertained with what’s happening around them and in the world.

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