Black Stars

Black Stars made a vibrant entrance in Ivory Coast, adorned in bold Kente

The Black Stars made a big entrance in Ivory Coast for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), and it was really special. They showed off Ghana’s cool culture by wearing colorful Kente cloths.

When they arrived at the airport, it turned into a happy party! There was a group doing traditional dances, and they welcomed the team with lots of excitement. The players didn’t just stand there – they joined in the fun and danced with the local performers.

Before leaving Ghana, the players were already looking sharp in stylish Kaftans. But when they got to Ivory Coast, they added something extra to their outfits – they wrapped themselves in bright and meaningful Kente cloths. It made them look even more awesome and showed off a bit of Ghana’s culture.

Let’s talk about Kente. It’s a special kind of cloth from Ghana made by weaving together strips of silk and cotton. A long time ago, important people like kings and queens among the Ewe and Akan would wear it like a fancy outfit. They say it all started in a place called Bonwire in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Nowadays, people in Ghana wear Kente for big celebrations, and everyone wants the ones made by the best weavers.

People in other places like Togo and Ivory Coast, where the Ewe and Akan live, also like to wear Kente. It’s so cool that Kente patterns are famous, and you can find them all over West Africa and even in other parts of Africa. People like them so much that they use the patterns on special clothes for important events, like when students graduate.

So, when the Black Stars wrapped themselves in Kente in Ivory Coast, it wasn’t just about looking good – it was like saying, “Hey, Ghana is here, and we’re proud of our awesome culture!” It made everyone smile and made the arrival at AFCON feel even more exciting.

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Sophia Celestina Apenkro

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