Ghana Senior High School

History of Ghana Senior High School(GHANASS)

GHANASS, short for Ghana Senior High School, is a renowned high school located in Koforidua, Ghana. The school has a rich history that dates back to the establishment of two colleges, which later merged to form the institution popularly referred to as The Beacon of the East. Today, GHANASS is known for its excellent academic programs and is highly respected for its commitment to producing well-rounded students who excel in various fields.


In 1943, Fred Addae and Francis Adjei Tetebo, two visionary educators, founded Phoenix College in Koforidua, Ghana. The school initially enrolled just 16 boys and was housed in a temporary building. However, within a few years, the student population grew, and a new location became necessary.

In 1950, the school moved to a new location, which is now home to the Normal Technical Institute in Koforidua. With the location change came a change in the school’s name, and Phoenix College became Christ College. The move proved to be a significant milestone for the school, as it provided more space for the growing student population.

However, with an ever-increasing number of students, the school had to move again to accommodate everyone. This time, the school moved to Effiduase, where it found a new home at the current premises of Effiduase Police Quarters in Koforidua. This move was made possible through the tireless efforts of Reverend Dr. Nimako, the first Member of Parliament for New Juaben Constituency, Mr. WT Wutor, a contractor, and Nana Frempong Mposo II, the then-chief of Effiduase.

During this period, Mr. Francis Adjei Tetebo served as the school’s principal. Sadly, Mr. Fred Addae, the school’s headmaster, had passed away. Despite this loss, the school continued to thrive and expand, providing education to an ever-growing number of students.

Later developments

Ghana Secondary School, formerly known as Christ College, has a rich history dating back to 1957, the year that Ghana gained its independence. During a visit to Koforidua, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah requested a name change for the school to reflect its significance as a government-established secondary school. The change was necessary to align the school with other institutions such as the Ghana National College in Cape Coast and the Ghana Secondary Technical School in Takoradi.

After the school was absorbed into the public school system, Mr. Daniel Ofori Dankwa, a Science teacher at Accra Academy, was invited to take over the reins of the school. Under his leadership, the first Speech and Prize-Giving Day was organized, and the school began to flourish. Despite having a population of only 100 boys and 6 girls with a staff of 6 at the time, Mr. Dankwa worked tirelessly to expand the school and improve its offerings.

Through his hard work and dedication, Mr. Dankwa was able to develop the school significantly, leading to his promotion to Director of Education in 1974. He was succeeded by Rev. R. P. Nyarko, who continued the work of his predecessor and further expanded the school’s offerings.

Today, Ghana Secondary School boasts a population of over 2,300 students, both male and female, with a staff of about 80 well-qualified and trained teachers. The school’s rich history and dedication to education continue to attract students from all over the country. With its commitment to excellence and its focus on preparing students for a successful future, Ghana Secondary School remains a cornerstone of the Ghanaian education system.

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