The Brouhaha of Ghana SIM card registration

By March 31, 2022, every Ghanaian above age 18 and bearing a SIM card is required to register their SIM to avoid the termination of their mobile user number, and this has compelled many Ghanaians from every side; from cities across the hinterlands to undergo this exercise.

The registration purported to curb cybercrime be it mobile money fraud, impersonation, scam, and other related fraudulent activity wrought by unscrupulous persons in society. In as much, one may argue this registration exercise is a scheme brought about by the government to formally tax citizens as well as increase the tax base to cover the informal sector is also highlighted.

Regardless of what it may be on the side of the government or the telecom companies, Ghanaians are meted with the fate, uncompromisingly, to get their SIM registered in the span of six months, averaging 182 days. 182 days to register every SIM card bearing national and foreigners in the country? To what end? One may ask- to the benefit of the Consumers, the telecoms, or the government?

One thing is somewhat certain, the stress it puts many Ghanaians through, the ordeal to be at registration centers very early in the day to get their SIM registered- the continuous health hazard we put ourselves through in this endemic period of our time.

I recount an ordeal one nobleman had to go through at the registration center at the time of registration. The man, as required by the traditional House of chiefs was given a paramount name after he was installed as a chief years ago in his council but I guess technology has no regard for things of tradition, I’m afraid, the man exclaimed as he was directed to go for a gazette changing his name from the paramount given name to reflect the name on the Ghana Card. Thus, a name given at birth to proceed with the registration.

Who made such decisions that have no room for the traditional council? He asked angrily! I’m sure many Ghanaians will ask the same- why this burden? But it is a hurdle we all must bear with all willingness to formally help for the cause of our country, and for now, we all live to see!

In all this, I urge you all to register your SIM card today!

By Mac-King T. Thompson

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