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The Power of Brand Advocacy: How to Convert Followers Into Fans

Employees or customers who support and share brand-related content are referred to as brand advocates. Brand advocates are frequently associated with the company. Individuals who value and support the brand may also be willing to publicly share and promote the brand’s values, philosophies, products, or services with others. 

In today’s digital business and society, brand advocacy is proving to be more powerful than marketing and advertising efforts, with up to 30% of internet users installing ad blockers. This is one of the reasons why spreading business content through brand advocates is a more effective way of increasing brand exposure and reputation.


The more advocates a company has, the more credible it appears to the public. Positive reviews or individuals sharing their experiences with a company’s products or services provide new or potential customers with additional information about the company. Brand advocates’ perceptions and opinions about a business service are more credible than the company’s marketing campaigns. 

Individuals who are not affiliated with the business have a higher level of credibility when it comes to sharing honest, objective, and truthful experiences.

Brand Trust

Trust is essential for a company’s operations and the products or services it is attempting to sell. Brand success is highly unlikely if the public perceives a brand to be unreliable and untrustworthy.

Customers are more likely to support businesses whose trust and reputation are based on the shared experiences of others. According to research, 88% trust other people’s reviews and personal experiences more than business advertisements.


The more people who talk about a topic in the public eye, the more people it will reach. When it comes to brand advocates and the trend of sharing views and opinions on social media, information has an exponential reach. The average Instagram or Facebook user is connected with over 600 other people. As a result, each advocate who shares content has the potential to reach at least 600 people.

Identifying Brand Ambassadors

Brand advocacy should be invested in by all businesses that want to expand their reach and share credible, trustworthy information with potential customers. Brand advocacy is a low-cost and effective method of acquiring customers and increasing positive brand exposure. How can businesses invest in brand advocacy as a powerful measure to improve business success?

Finally, investing time and money in developing brand advocacy for your company can have a multiplicative effect on consumer reach. It also emphasizes and consolidates the brand’s value and philosophy. Organic measures to encourage individuals to support the business will ultimately improve overall market success. Brand advocacy is a chain reaction, and laying a good foundation for followers to support your business through digital platforms is critical for market power.

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