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Discovering serenity and introspection: The St. Mary Sanctuary Grotto in Kumasi

St. Mary Sanctuary Grotto is a stunning place of worship in Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana. The Sanctuary is a grotto-like underground chapel that offers a tranquil and pleasant setting for guests to pray and meditate.

The Grotto is adorned with beautiful and intricate carvings, murals, and sculptures that depict various biblical stories and characters. These include Moses with the Tablets containing the 10 Commandments, the Holy Family, Archangel Michael, the Crucifix, and the ascension of Jesus Christ. In the Sanctuary are various depictions of the 4 mysteries of the Holy Prayers, the Stations of the Cross, and the Sorrows of the Virgin Mary. The centerpiece of the sanctuary is a statue of the Virgin Mary, encircled by candles and flowers, adding to the peaceful ambiance of the space. There is also a temple built atop the hail with the most beautiful altar.

St. Mary Sanctuary Grotto is a popular destination for Catholic pilgrims and tourists seeking a serene setting for prayer and reflection. The chapel can accommodate up to 500 people and offers regular services throughout the week.

Father Andrew Campbell, a Catholic priest, built the grotto in 1974, inspired by the Lourdes Grotto in France. He aimed to offer the locals a tranquil retreat or peaceful sanctuary to build their faith and find solace in difficult times.

Today, the Grotto is a revered religious and cultural landmark in Kumasi, drawing visitors across Ghana and beyond. Whether you are a devout Catholic or simply seeking a moment of quiet contemplation, the sanctuary offers a unique and profound experience that is not to be missed. In my time of stress, confusion, and contemplation of my future, I found peace and reflection, a valuable balm for my soul. I humbly urge everyone traveling to Kumasi to visit the sanctuary to experience its unique beauty and serenity.

Direction to the St. Mary Sanctuary Grotto

The Grotto is located in the heart of Kumasi, just a few minutes’ drive from the city center. Here are the directions to the grotto:

  1. From the city center, head north on Lake Road.
  2. Turn right onto Amakom Road.
  3. Continue straight until you reach the roundabout at the junction with Krofrom Road.
  4. Take the second exit on the roundabout onto Krofrom Road.
  5. Continue straight for approximately 2 kilometers until you reach the St. Mary’s Anglican School on your right-hand side.
  6. Take a right turn onto the road immediately after the school, and continue straight up the hill.
  7. You will reach the St. Mary Sanctuary Grotto at the top of the hill.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or a tro-tro (local minibus) from the city center to the grotto. Many drivers and conductors are familiar with the location and can drop you off at the entrance.

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Cecilia Opoku-Mensah

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