How the famous Nogokpo was founded

Nogokpo is a small village along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway in the Ketu South Municipality of Ghana’s Volta Region.

Nogokpo was founded by Torgbui Saba. He migrated from Agbozume Sukladzi and was one of the brave war captains of the Somey State. Saba’s ancestors originated from Ningo and were displaced by the Akwamu wars. To strengthen himself spiritually for war, he embarked on a spiritual journey to Dahomey and came back with the Yewe god of thunder similar to the Shango cult of the Yoruba or Thor of the ancient Scandinavians. Saba was forced to relocate to Nogokpo, which was then his farmstead, due to a disagreement with the residents of Agbozume.

Nogokpo is derived from the Ewe language — “E: nor: ge : kpo: a ?” meaning “Will you live here peacefully or crime-free?”
That was the question Saba asked anyone who asked to live near him in his new location. This is a warning about his god not tolerating vice.

There is an alternative narration:
Ewe language: Ma ble nye nua nogoe kpo.
Let me tie (bundle) my stuff without troubles.

This narration is about his exodus from Agbozume with his god. It is renowned for having a traditional and religious shrine.

Location of Nogokpo

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