Ankos Festival

Ankos Festival

The Ankos Festival, also referred to as the Takoradi Street Carnival or Masquerade Festival is an annual event celebrated by the people of Takoradi, Ghana. The festival, held from December 24 to 26 every year, is a popular attraction for tourists. The festival’s main highlight is the various groups of people or teams dressed in elaborate and eye-catching outfits who showcase their dance skills and artistic performances.

Numerous masquerade groups participate in the festival, including Ankos, Cosmos, Holy Cities, Nyanta Boys, Iron Fighters, Unity, Mississippi, Spain, Sunnato, Valencia, Canadians, Chinese, Tumus, Ohyewakomem, Supreme, Oil City, Millionaires, Unicon, Addyzee, USA, and Nyanta Boys and Girls. The groups come together in Takoradi to display their culture and arts through dancing and singing songs accompanied by brass bands.

During the festival, participants from different walks of life, both young and old, are passionate about their culture and art. The groups showcase their fancy outfits, which vary from group to group. The brass band plays a variety of sounds, melodies, and tunes to spice up the festivity, increasing the excitement of the participants and onlookers who stand across the road, rooftops, and balconies.

The Year of Return, a commemoration of the return of black people from the diaspora to meet and learn about Ghanaian culture and traditions, had a significant impact on the Masquerade festival. The event attracted a considerable number of tourists, with the majority being black people from the diaspora who came to Takoradi to celebrate the festival.

The Ankos Festival or Masquerade Festival is an exciting annual event celebrated in Takoradi, Ghana. The festival brings together numerous masquerade groups who showcase their dance skills and artistic performances to the public. The festival’s popularity continues to grow each year, attracting both locals and tourists from all over the world.

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