Top LinkedIn Welcome Messages To Connect With

Your LinkedIn opening message is more important than you may think. It is the first impression you give as a professional. In the real world, first impressions are everything, and LinkedIn is no exception.

Consider this…
What would you say if you walked into a meeting room for the first time? How would you introduce yourself, and how would you dress? What makes using a digital platform like LinkedIn any different?

Personable & Approachable

Being friendly once connected is critical for every message. However, if you are personal, such as asking how they are, expressing gratitude for their interest in you, and so on…you will automatically make them feel welcome. The sooner you can get someone used to you, the better.

Of course, don’t stray too far from the topic of your choice, as this can lead to confusion. Confusion can lead to awkwardness and, in general, poor communication, which you should avoid at all costs.

The “Peace” Gift

Offering something is another great way to pique someone’s interest in a connection. Whether it’s a service you can offer, advice on something, links, or whatever, it will make them feel like you genuinely care. It also demonstrates that you are, of course, giving, which can lead to them doing the same. Although it isn’t your priority to get something in return, it can add to your friendliness and help you win the conversation.


A great way to get a conversation going is to ask a question about the topic. This will not only engage the other person in conversation, but it will also engage them in conversation about the topic you truly want to discuss with them. This eliminates small talk and is intended for those who want to get right down to business. But use caution when implementing this strategy. For example, make an effort to be friendly at first, and perhaps ask them how they are, or something along those lines. You should be wary of being direct because not everyone will appreciate it.


With this message, please check to see if there is anything else you can do to assist them. This approach is similar to the peace offering but not as direct. With this method, you are being less formal and simply checking in on the individual to see if there are any additional services available beyond what has already been established.

Linkedin has millions of users, so you will undoubtedly connect with many people during your course, so the first impression you make is critical. But, once again, be cautious in your approaches.

Credit: Scott Jones

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