Nzulezu: The village built on stilts

Nzulezu is a unique village located near Beyin, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana. It is situated 90 kilometers west of Takoradi and overlooks Lake Tadane. The village is entirely constructed on stilts and platforms and is home to over 500 people. In the year 2000, the site was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has since become a popular tourist destination.

Nzulezu: The village built on stilts

The village was built over Lake Tadane for protection and safety during times of war, as it lies five miles inland of the Southwest shores. The inhabitants of Nzulezu primarily engage in agriculture, while fishery plays a secondary role. The lake is considered by the local population as a protective barrier against certain risks, such as fires.

Nzulezu was nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its significance in anthropology. It is one of the few ancient settlements on stilts and platforms that remain in the world, and it preserves a wealth of local traditions connected with the cult of the lake. Lake Tadane is integral to all religious rites, and Thursday is considered a sacred day for the lake. Therefore, it is forbidden to use and work on the lake for any activity throughout the day on Thursday.

Tourism has become an increasing source of income for the village. However, visitations to the town are only allowed once a week, and the village can only be reached by canoe. The route to the village crosses the rainforest and takes approximately an hour to cover a distance of 5 km.

Hotels perched atop the lagoon are now comfortable places for tourists to unwind. Visitors to this location with its lovely ambiance can enjoy swimming, diving, boating, etc. Visitors frequently see monkeys and crocodiles in addition to the water and the houses at this location.

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