Mount Afadja

Mount Afadja

Mount Afadja, also known as Afadjato to the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo, is a popular tourist destination in Ghana. It is located in the Volta Region, near the border with Togo, and is about 178 kilometers northeast of Accra and 178 kilometers northwest of Lomé. The mountain is part of the Agumatsa sub-range of the West Africa Mountains, and its summit stands at an elevation of 885 meters (2,904 ft) above sea level.

The name “Afadja” means mountain in the Ewe language, and the suffix “-to” also means mountain. Therefore, the correct name in English is “Mount Afadja,” as “Mount Afadjato” would be a repetition of the word “mountain.” The Ewe people named the mountain after the water yam plant, which is called “Avadze” in Ewe. The mountain resembled the mound where the water yam is planted, and there were also creeping plants on the mountain that resembled the water yam plant. The Ewe people called it “Avadze-to,” which has since been palatalized into “Afadjato.”

Mount Afadja is one of the highest mountains in Ghana, and its summit offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area. The mountain is also home to several caves, streams, and waterfalls, including the nearby Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls, which is the highest waterfall in West Africa. These attractions make Mount Afadja one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Volta Region of Ghana, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world annually.

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