History of Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC)

The Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) is a prestigious educational institution located in Legon, Accra, Ghana. It was founded in 1938 as the Gold Coast Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School with the primary objective of providing a Christian education to boys in the country under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast. The Basel missionary, Nicholas Timothy Clerk (1862–1961), who served as the first Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast from 1918 to 1932, used his tenure to advocate for the establishment of the secondary school.

Since its establishment, PRESEC has become one of the most renowned schools in the country and has produced several notable alumni.

The school has a rich history, which began with its establishment during the colonial era. It was initially set up to provide a Christian education to boys in the Gold Coast, which was then a British colony. The school started with only six students and four teachers, and it was located in Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

In 1968, the school was moved to Legon, where it occupied its current site. The move was necessary as the school had outgrown its original location and needed more space to accommodate its growing student population. The school’s new location provided an ideal environment for academic and personal development, and it has continued to be home to many generations of students.

The School Crest

The Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) crest is an essential symbol that represents the school’s values and aspirations. The crest is a shield with various elements that have significant meanings.

At the top of the shield is a cross, which represents the school’s Christian foundation and values. The cross symbolizes sacrifice, redemption, and hope, and it reminds students of the importance of living a life of service to others.

In the middle of the shield is a lamp, which symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. The lamp represents the school’s commitment to providing an education that empowers students to be lifelong learners and leaders who make a positive impact in their communities.

Beneath the lamp is the school’s motto, “In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen,” which means “In Thy Light, We Shall See The Light.” The motto reflects the school’s commitment to providing a holistic education that emphasizes spiritual, moral, and academic development.

At the bottom of the shield is the school’s name, “Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School,” which serves as a reminder of the school’s history and tradition of excellence.

The school crest is an important symbol that represents PRESEC’s values and aspirations. It serves as a constant reminder to students, staff, and alumni of the school’s commitment to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service to others.

The Anthem

The school’s anthem “Happy Are We”, was written by J. L. Anang and transcribed by Stephen Appiah Danquah PRESEC is a six-time Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz winner and an alumnus of the school called “Ɔdadeɛ”.


The PRESEC anthem is a powerful expression of the school’s mission to provide a holistic education that emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service to others. It is a testament to the school’s commitment to instilling in its students the values and virtues that will enable them to become responsible and compassionate leaders in their communities.


PRESEC undebatably has proven to be, if not the best, one of the best schools in Ghana. They have chalked so many successes in academics and other fields, and the latest is as below:

  • On 8 October 2020, the school won the National Maths and Science Quiz contest for the sixth time by beating Adisadel College and Opoku Ware Senior High School in the finals.
  • On 13 May 2020, the school won The Sharks Quiz contest which was against Mawuli Senior High School

PRESEC has maintained a reputation for academic excellence since its establishment. The school has produced several notable alumni who have excelled in various fields, including politics, sports, academia, and business. Some of the most prominent alumni of the school include former Ghanaian Health Minister Bernard Okoe-Boye, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa, Former Vice Chancellor of UG Ernest Aryeetey, Bernard Avle, etc.

PRESEC wins Sharks Quiz Season 3

Over the years, PRESEC has undergone several changes and improvements to meet the needs of its students. The school has expanded its facilities, including adding new classrooms, laboratories, and residential halls. It has also introduced new academic programs and extracurricular activities to cater to the diverse interests and talents of its students.

Today, PRESEC remains a premier educational institution in Ghana, attracting students from all over the country and beyond. As PRESEC continues to grow and evolve, it remains an important part of Ghana’s educational landscape and a beacon of hope for generations of students who pass through its gates.


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