How the Ewes fled from Notsie

According to legend, Togbe Agorkoli was the ruler of Notsie, a town in modern Togo, and was known for ruling with an iron fist. He had the Ewe people living under his rule and anyone who spoke out against him was sentenced to death by a jury that would always find them guilty. The Ewe people, who had had enough of his oppressive rule, decided to seek the help of Togbe Tsali, a powerful hunter who was renowned in the area.

Togbe Tsali agreed to assist them and allegedly cast a spell on the drums during a festive celebration to put Togbe Agorkoli and all the royals to sleep. He then rallied the populace and led them to squeeze through a gap in a tall mud wall, effectively freeing the Ewe people from Notsie’s control. To throw off their pursuers, Tsali convinced the Ewe people to flee by moving backward.

After the exodus, the Ewe people were led by a wise man named Torgbui Ewenya. The word “Ewe” was taken from their formal leader, Torgbui Ewenya. This story of Togbe Agorkoli and Togbe Tsali is a significant part of the Ewe people’s history and their migration from Notsie to their present lands in Ghana and Togo.

Image Credit: Ewe TV

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Sophia Celestina Apenkro

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