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Background & History of Labone Senior High School

Labone Senior High School, popularly known as L-A Bone, is a renowned public senior high school located in the vibrant Labone neighborhood of the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. The school has gained recognition for its active participation in various academic, athletic, music, and cultural activities, making it a well-respected institution in the country.

The school’s history dates back to 1949 when six visionary leaders identified the necessity for an educational institution to cater to the educational needs of the young people residing in the Osu and La areas, as well as the surrounding communities. In response to this need, a private school was established in the Ako Adjei Area.

With Ghana gaining independence, the first president of the country, Kwame Nkrumah, recognized the importance of widespread access to education for the rapid development of the nation. To achieve this vision, the Ghana Educational Trust was established during the first republic. The trust was responsible for constructing school buildings across the country, including Labone Senior High School. As a result, the school was relocated to its present site, opposite the Labone S.D.A Church.

Labone Senior High School has since become widely renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and the holistic development of its students. The school has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in various academic competitions, notably the National Science and Maths Quiz, where its students showcase their intellectual prowess and problem-solving abilities.

Beyond academics, Labone Senior High School excels in athletic endeavors, with its students participating and achieving success in inter-school competitions. The school’s athletes demonstrate their skills and compete with dedication, bringing honor to the institution.

Moreover, Labone Senior High School has a vibrant music and cultural scene. Students are encouraged to explore their artistic talents and engage in cultural activities such as traditional dance, drama, and music performances. These activities promote cultural preservation, creativity, and self-expression among the students.

Labone Senior High School has nurtured and produced many notable alumni who have gone on to excel in various fields, making significant contributions to society. The school’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering all-round development has played a vital role in shaping the lives and futures of its students.

The Crest of Labone Senior High School – composition, meaning, and symbolism

The crest of Labone Senior High School was expertly designed by Nii Amon Kotei, a distinguished senior citizen and recipient of a national award. Notably, Kotei also played a key role in designing the Ghana coat of arms.

The crest features a shield divided into four quarters, with a sturdy fishing rope running both horizontally and vertically across it.

Each of the four quarters of the crest carries a symbolic motif that represents significant values:

  1. Top right-hand corner: The depiction of the early appearance of the SUN in the East signifies the importance of seizing opportunities and making the most of favorable circumstances. It reflects the adage “Make hay while the sun shines,” urging students to take advantage of favorable conditions for success.
  2. Top left-hand quarter: A crossed pen and torch light placed upon an open book symbolizes the power of knowledge and education. It represents the idea that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” emphasizing the importance of intellectual pursuits and the impact that education and enlightenment can have on society.
  3. Bottom left-hand quarter: A crossed pickaxe and cutlass serve as symbols of labor and hard work. This quarter highlights the value of dignity in labor, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, dedication, and the rewards that come from diligent efforts.
  4. Bottom right-hand quarter: The presence of an oil palm tree, a remarkable and versatile plant, signifies usefulness and productivity. It serves as a reminder that Labone Senior High School students should strive to be productive and valuable contributors in all aspects of life, no matter where they find themselves.

The crest of Labone Senior High School is a visual representation of the school’s core values and serves as a constant reminder to students of the principles they should embody. It encapsulates the ideals of seizing opportunities, valuing education, embracing hard work, and being productive members of society.

The thoughtful design of the crest by Nii Amon Kotei reflects the school’s commitment to excellence, character development, and the holistic growth of its students. It stands as a proud symbol of Labone Senior High School’s identity and heritage, representing the aspirations and achievements of its academic community.

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